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Hamish Colliver, 15, aus. created to have a good time thought it would be cool to have. surfing, skating, basketball. :)

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Anonymous asked: best looking year 11's and 12's?

umm kate, hayley, chelsea, claudia and 12’s i dont know haha theres a few

Anonymous asked: Do youuu have a cruusshhh on Emilyyyyy? ;)

no? hahhahhahahhhhaahahahha

Anonymous asked: what do you think of yourself?

too much to write hahah

Anonymous asked: thoughtss on Aurora Wintz?

she is actually very amazing, we went out for a month im pretty sure and it was really good :) shes funny, easy to talk to, sometimes cheeky and annoying ;) but thats alright im used to it. shes good looking and has good features, i had a good chat to her on skype and we dont see each other anymore but i’d enjoy seeing her again :)